G’day! Glad you stopped by – you obviously have great taste! 😉

My name is Georgia (which is Greek) and I’ve been drawing and drawing since I was a tot (much to my relatives’ delight and teachers’ frustration). I recently managed to channel my desire to make people happy with my art into a more structured, accessible form i.e. this website… after multiple tries (yay me)!

On a random day, you will find me wandering around southwestern Germany with a coffee in my hand, preferably with my hubby or some of my super cool friends (you know who you are!), getting up to no good.

Or I might be at work, in my lab kit, which is more likely.



Me, doing what I do best – being on holiday



You might even catch me looking like this if you’re lucky


I hope you enjoy my paintings and let me know if you can envision owning one!






© Georgia Lewes 2017